Bolaji Akinboro


Once in a generation, there arises a leader with the talent and expertise required to change the status quo in an industry. Even better when these changes cause a ripple in several other industries, and leaves a positive impact on the average man. Bolaji Akinboro has spent most of his professional career creating opportunities and businesses in the public, private and non-profit Sectors. He was responsible for executing the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GES) for the Federal Government of Nigeria under Dr Akinwunmi Adesina. The Program enabled the disbursement of fertilizer, seed, and other inputs worth $1Billion dollars through more than 5,700 agribusinesses to over 14.5million rural farmers via the e-wallet system. Also, this project helped to stabilize food prices in Nigeria for over 5 years and doubled the income of rural farmers. Bolaji proved that the success of this program was not down to luck, but expertise and discipline honed by several years of experience, as he replicated the deployment of this technology in other countries such as Liberia, Afghanistan, and Togo. He co-founded Cellulant Corporation, a Fin-tech business with a presence in 15 markets across Africa. With his experience in FMCG, International nongovernmental organizations and technology, he provides leadership and governance to the Voriancorelli operations.