The Matching App

Despite the fast-growing pace in the global agriculture industry, many African smallholder farmers are dependent on manual methods in their processes which reduces agricultural productivity in the country.

This is where our product comes in.

The Matching App was created to bridge the gap between actors in the agricultural value chain, fixing the market linkage problem that has affected African smallholder farmers from time.

The app was developed after decades of learning and identifying the pain points and goals of African smallholder farming communities. It is optimized to address linkage problems preventing the full economic potential of agribusinesses.

Matching seller to buyer is a promise that takes away the burden of looking for the best buyer or seller, it creates an ecosystem of trust developed on mutual respect and growth – farmers and aggregators get the best prices for their commodities, food processors and off-takers get the perfect quality at the right time.

Everyone Wins.

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