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For stakeholders in the agricultural value chain, who aim to derive more from their toil, Voriancorelli is the enabling connector that bridge gaps between businesses and opportunities within the agric ecosystem, delivering sustainable prosperity and food security. We are aa marketplace company that offers deals and services to key actos in the Agriculture sector. we are all about the growth of your business


Why you choose us?


Network with reliable and access trustworthy buyers/suppliers


Access all your trade transactions and documents on the matching app


Instant notifications and timely updates on dispatch


Instant payments to our aggregators


Meet The Team


Adesuwa Nosa-Ehima

Chief Operations Officer

She is an alumnus of Benson Idahosa University where she obtained a BSc in Biochemistry, and the Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom where she holds a M.Sc. in Public Health.

Jennifer Onyebuagu

Chief Commercial Officer

With over 10 years’ of experience in the sales, finance, Agric, and fintech sectors; she has dedicated her time and skills to leading and nurturing teams while driving phenomenal growth in revenue and market share.

Rufus Udechukwu

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rufus Udechukwu is a Chartered Accountant; holds a Masters degree in banking, finance, and administration; and several diplomas from Harvard, INSEAD, and Stanford University.

Bolaji Akinboro


He co-founded a Fin-tech business with a presence in 15 markets across Africa. He is also the chairman of the Toro foundation. A blockchain based platform for colaterized asset hailing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Voriancorelli work?

Voriancorelli (VC) is a marketplace company that matches buyers, sellers, commodity aggregators and food processors to ensure the economic wellbeing of all stakeholders. Buyers register on the platform and place orders for the commodities they are interested in procuring. Sellers search for the assets they can supply. Where they see prices that work, they bid on it. Once sellers have delivered their goods to the buyers through Voriancorelli, payment is done instantly. VC also provides access to markets.

How does Voriancorelli charge?

A small commission on trades.

How can I become a buyer or seller on Voriancorelli Platform?

Buyers and sellers are required to sign up, undergo some series of onboarding and provide KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and provide financial details. After which sellers and buyers can place their offers on different commodities.

How to buy or sell a commodity Voriancorelli?

It’s very simple, just like other market-place platforms, sellers can search assets and bid on existing offers from buyers. The buyers can also in turn place their orders once signed in. Buyers can decide to reject an offer and sellers can decide to withdraw an offer if the negotiating conditions are not favourable.


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