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Voriancorelli is a marketplace company that offers deals and matching services to actors across 5 sectors


We offer B2B solutions to key players and connect them on our deal based platform and we make it possible to discover and take advantage of opportunities that grow their businesses. We all about the GROWTH of your businesses.


What We Do At


We help connect businesses together and allow them expand to reach new heights


We make supply and demand matching easier than before. take away the stress and provide technical, financial and market support


We know how delays in payment affect matchmaking and breaks trust. we make payment for service a priority.


Our Ecosystem has everyone who matters.

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Once in a generation, there arises a leader with the talent and expertise required to change the status quo in an industry. Even better when these changes cause a ripple in several other industries, and leaves a positive impact on the average man. Bolaji Akinboro has spent most of his professional career creating opportunities and businesses in the public, private and non-profit Sectors. He was responsible for executing the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GES) for the Federal Government of Nigeria under Dr Akinwunmi Adesina. The Program enabled the disbursement of fertilizer, seed, and other inputs worth $1Billion dollars through more than 5,700 agribusinesses to over 14.5million rural farmers via the e-wallet system. Also, this project helped to stabilize food prices in Nigeria for over 5 years and doubled the income of rural farmers. Bolaji proved that the success of this program was not down to luck, but expertise and discipline honed by several years of experience, as he replicated the deployment of this technology in other countries such as Liberia, Afghanistan, and Togo. He co-founded Cellulant Corporation, a Fintech business with a presence in 15 markets across Africa. With his experience in FMCG, International nongovernmental organizations and technology, he provides leadership and governance to the Voriancorelli operations.
Bolaji Akinboro


No one knows the numbers game like Rufus Udechukwu. With over 22 years’ experience in banking, accounting, and fintech, Rufus has proven himself as a seasoned finance and strategy professional. He has spent the last 6 years of his career channeling his passion for delivering innovative solutions to the agriculture sector by scaling an aggrotech marketplace across the country and managing trades of over $40m. Mr. Rufus Udechukwu is a Chartered Accountant; holds a Masters degree in banking, finance, and administration; and several diplomas from Harvard, INSEAD, and Stanford University. However, these qualifications do not define him as he has demonstrated his preference and ability for delivering impactful results in several industries.

As the Managing director of Voriancorelli, he is responsible for scaling the business not just in Nigeria but across Africa.
Rufus Udechukwu

Chief Executive Officer

Also known as ‘’The executioner’’ Jennifer Onyebuagu is Voriancorelli’s Chief Commercial Officer. With over 10 years’ of experience in the sales, finance, Agric, and fintech sectors; she has dedicated her time and skills to leading and nurturing teams while driving phenomenal growth in revenue and market share. This dedication is highlighted in her achievements and impact in the several organizations she has worked with. Whether it is developing and managing a network with over 8000 financial agents delivering over $400m in gross payment value annually, or implementing and managing key initiatives at the world bank, AFDB and Mastercard foundation, Jennifer utilizes her special experience of building and scaling businesses efficiently. As a partner at Voriancorelli, Jennifer heads the Strategy and commercial function and drives adoption and scale of the business and product with an unwavering goal to connect thousands of users into the marketplace.
Jennifer Onyebuagu

Chief Commercial Officer

Adesuwa Nosa-Ehima is a dynamic hands-on go-getter with over 8years experience in operations, sales, marketing, and project management functions across several projects and industries. Some of her notable works include; managing the last mile operations on the Growth Enhancement Support Program (GES) and coordinating its required implementation across the 36 states of the federation; building and managing a network of over 1000 agents to deliver seamless service to Nigerian farmers for the Nigerian Agricultural Payment Initiative (NAPI); and leading the sales, operations, and delivery of a payment network team at a Fintech company by setting up over +2,500 agent points in Nigeria. She is an alumnus of Benson Idahosa University where she obtained a BSc in Biochemistry, and the Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom where she holds a M.Sc. in Public Health.

As the chief operating officer at Voriancorelli, she is responsible for ensuring the onboarding and management of Agric stakeholders for the efficient delivery of commodities when and where necessary.
Adesuwa Nosa-Ehima

Chief Operations Officer

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